I am rather a huge fan of a good get together. I can image a more casual fete where a rather lovely assortment of cheeses, breads, and olives would carry us through the night. Of course a long wooden cheese board would make any assortment look even better. An old outdoor planter wood make a fabulous spot for drinks to sit in ice. Every guest would get use the finest dinnerware paired with dish towels for dabbing ones face. The dining table would act as a buffet, this is a casual fete after all. Of course the pendant may end up being the star of the night and I would be okay with that. Anyone want to join me?

* All piece can be found at the French Market, well at least until they sell. Oh, and have you checked out the new website? It makes shopping just a bit easier. That can be either a good or bad thing for some of us, ha!